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Understanding Light in Interior Design. Part I: Introducing Patterns of Light

Professional interior designers are expertly trained in the use of lighting features to create breathtaking results. In this four-part series which I call “Colour Me Brightly: Understanding Light in Interior Design,” I draw on my experience in London’s interior design community to explain this fascinating subject. This first article is about patterns.

Ask a London schoolgirl to imagine natural patterns, and she may talk at length of curvaceous seashells, the undulating edge of waves on the shore, the grooves in a gnarled tree trunk. Interior designers know that patterns are all around us. Patterns profoundly influence all interior design schemes, transforming our appreciation of color and texture, adding fluctuations and drifts or promoting harmony and stillness. London Interior Designers will focus on soft, fluid outlines in order to create relaxing patterns. By contrast, bold graphic statements in a wallpaper stencil can be invigorating for a London discotheque or salon. Pattern is a foundational ingredient of interior design, fragmenting overwhelming shapes and plain surfaces while simultaneously lending personality and profundity to a room.

London’s professional interior designers know one big secret: pattern is created not only by fabric and wallpaper. Light also forms any number of patterns through a virtual tussle or rough-and-tumble interaction between light and shadow. Light patterns are foundational to interior design schemes – from snippeted, kinetic and frosted patterns to curvy arcs, spearhead-style lines and theatrical projections of abstract forms.

Patterns of light fall into two main interior design categories. The first is all about objects in the path of light, casting shadows. We draw our inspiration from the natural world where, when sunlight strikes rippling water on London’s famous River Thames, flickering patterns are reflected up into the trees along the water’s edge. Similarly, if an artificial light source is directed onto water – perhaps a pool, fountain or babbling artificial brook – active reflections will dapple the surrounding walls and become an interior design feature. Sunlight may shine through the branches of a tree to create moving patterns of light and shade below, and similarly a low-voltage uplight, positioned behind indoor plants, can create beautiful interior design features on the walls and ceilings. This technique can be stunning both inside and outside the building.

In my next article, I turn to patterns that use perforations and glass.

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How to Find the Best Designer Jewellery

designer jewellery is mostly found in different jewellery shops situated in reputable markets around the world. Designers make those designs available which the customers want to have. They also make this jewellery available through online stores which allow the different people to easily access them and facilitate customers to own the desired piece of jewellery.

The procedures which are mostly acquired to find the best designer jewellery by the expertise, are through internet surfing. The web portals can be accessed for searching the best deal. Different search engines can also be used to find this jewellery and the pure and exact desired information is provided within. Many sites are also available on net which provide the pictures as well as all other information like their weight, color, size, warranties, price etc. These sites searched through search engines also provide the addresses of the companies who design this jewellery

If the designers open their own retail shop to sell their unique designs then it is a good idea of course and people around them will look and purchase these items. On the other hand if the designers create an online shop and provide video and sound descriptions so that the customers can closely look the piece, then it will facilitate the customers. Because instead of visiting those stores which are miles away from their destinations, people can select the required design by few clicks only.

Selection of designer jewellery which is shown on the web in pictures is more easy and simple. The sparkle glimmer of the diamond does not appear as it should in bright lights. When pictures are taken the proper flash lights are available and the cameras make the pictures which show the crystal clearly. These photos allow the customers to view the inner and outer or hidden details.

Peoples can also buy from internet retail shops. They can retain and share this information of designer jewellery with their acquaintances. This is easy and workable because the pictures and information can be shared through different means. One of the fastest and reliable mean is email. Designers have found this the best way of marketing their products.

Jewellery designed by the well known designers can be very costly but can be found easily. The jewellery designed by those who are not well known designers may be better in quality but they usually don’t have any means to promote their designs. The price of this jewellery is usually low because it does not include the costs of huge advertisements. So, it is a good idea to look for some designers who are talented but are not very much exposed. This will save your money and you will also get the best designs of your own taste and choice.

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Add a Sparkle to your Old Face Painting Design

Face painting is a great way of expressing the vibrant mood of special occasions like reunions, holidays and birthday parties. With a fun face painting design, your kids can enjoy being tigers, princesses or vampires for the day. If you want out-of-the-ordinary results use other materials besides the basic paint. This article will show you some information about body glitter and jewelry and how to use them to boost your face painting design.

All That Glitters

Here’s how glitter can add a new twist to your face painting design:

-New dimension – the sheen created by glitter gives your finished product a rounded effect.

- More interesting – glitter can be used to emphasize a certain spot on the face such as the nose or the eyes.

- Adds a magical touch – glitter is perfect for fantastical themes like fairy and dragon designs.

Here are kinds of glitter:

- Loose glitter – can be applied and works best while the skin is moist with water or wet with paint. It can come in a variety of colors, which can be metallic or iridescent. Loose glitter is great for emphasizing certain parts of your face painting design since they tend to have a coarser grain and therefore more reflective effect or “sparkle.”

- Gel glitter – comes as a liquid with glitter, much like a glue. Use this type of glitter to trace over the fine lines of your face painting design, as it is more convenient and gives cleaner results.

- Powder glitter – is powder-like in texture. These grains tend to be so fine that they easily stick on moist skin. It is best to use powder glitter on large areas of the face for that “pearly” effect.

Here’s how you can apply glitter:

- To achieve an even and an all-over glittery effect, simply dip a moist sponge in some glitter and dab over the face with gentle, sweeping motions.

- Use a fine brush to trace over fine details. Wet the brush with water and pat with fingers to squeeze out excess water. Dip the brush into glitter and sweep over details in abrupt motions.

Adding Skin Jewelry:

There are also stick-on jewelry that can be used with basic face painting design in order to add more texture. Skin jewelry is:

- Inexpensive – skin jewelry can be found in a crafts shop, department store or online. They are often made of plastic so they usually cost close to nothing.

- Easy to use – all you have to do is peel the back of the jewel and stick on the skin.

- Reusable – skin jewelry have kinds that can be put on, taken off and then applied again.

- Very Versatile – skin jewelry is best loved for its versatility and the fact that it can come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and styles.

Expensive materials are not really necessary to achieve a beautiful face painting design. All you really need to add more dimension and texture to a basic design is by simply using glitter and stick-on jewelry. Proper usage is easy to accomplish and can give you more than just the usual face painting design.

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Common face painting designs can be dull. Know the secrets how to add a new twist to your face painting design.

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